Sylvena LLC  was formed to help homeowners and businesses incorporate their unique and distinguished flair into their spaces by providing 'jaw-dropping' light fixtures. 

Sylvena LLC prides ourself in providing high quality lighting. This is accomplished by: 1) carefully selecting the finest materials (i.e., Crystals, Acrylic, Aluminium, and Iron), bulbs (i.e.,  LED energy efficient, and Edison bulbs), and finishing touches (i.e. gold, silver and bronze coatings); 2) handcrafting modern and contemporary light fixtures, and 3) diligently inspecting and removing chandeliers that do not meet our expectations.

The end results are lighting that exude light, elegance, and instantly improve the ambiance...perfect for your home and business and will without a doubt, leave grand impressions on your family, friends and clients. 

Our catalog include:

- Contemporary Acrylic Firefly Tree-like Chandeliers

- White Glass Flower Pendant Lamp

- LED Chrome Finish Pendant Lamp

- Modern Gold Sputniks

Blog posts

How to clean a crystal chandelier

Congratulations on your new crystal chandelier! Now that you have this room changer, it is important that you know how to treat it with care so that it lasts you a long time. Adopting the right cleaning methods will ensure that your home or business stays lovely and not turn...

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How to choose the right chandelier

Would you leave home without carefully selecting the right lipstick or jewelry or watch to go with your outfit? Most likely No. Why? Because those items add the perfect finishing touches to any outfit. So, why would you not give the same level of consideration to your home or business?...

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Renovation does not have to cost a fortune!

According to the Kuotes' research on decorating rooms, the cost to redecorate: A Standard Living Room (excl. Chandeliers) is $12, 000 A Standard Dining Room (excl. Chandeliers) is $10, 600 A Standard Bedroom (excl. Chandeliers) is $9, 200 That is quite the price to pay for a face lift when...

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